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Lake Tahoe, California *Rough Guide*

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Truckee & South Lake Tahoe


Lots of Hiking -- Swimming Holes -- Exploring Local Towns

Warning! This is "Rough Guide"

Every adventure I go on starts with me making a map! I do research on Thrillist or Atlas Obscura and I add some of my favorite places to what I call a "Bucket List Map". This map gets used as a reference on my trip and I add new points along the way. After I'm back home, it takes some time to clean up this map into a final draft of where I’ve been vs. what didn't make the cut that trip. Rather than making you wait, I’m posting my draft map!

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This was the third annual sibling adventure where my two brothers and I get together to explore a new area and hike all over the place. Here are some of my favorites:

Swimming Holes

Waterfall at Pyramid Creek Trail
Waterfall at Pyramid Creek Trail

Angora Lake

Small private lake with cliff jumping, kayak and paddle board rentals and a little store selling homemade Popsicles. There's limited parking at the actual trail entrance, but you can park back at the Overlook and walk along the road or a small trail to reach the lake.


Pyramid Creek Trail

Walk through the pines and on the rocks to a variety of swimming spots along the river. $8 visitor fee, but lots of parking and well worth the money to support this amazing place!

Historic Summit Tunnel

The now-abandoned tunnels were built for the transcontinental railroad on the route where the first wagon train entered California. You can walk 2 miles into the tunnels and simply turn back, or continue up and around the mountain.

Katie’s Visit Info

Travel Dates

Thursday, September 3rd to Monday, September 7th 2020

Travel Info

BOS to Reno, NV with a layover both ways

Travel Buddies

My two brothers, John and Charlie

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