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Maine Coast

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The Coast of Maine

Hiking trail at Quoddy Head State Park

(and a little bit of Canada)

I am sitting... on a park bench looking out over the bright blue ocean. I can see the edge of Canada just across the bay. The tide is moving so fast it causes reverse rapids as the waters recede. I feel the cool salty air and the wind on my skin. The fog moves in, obscuring the rocky coast and the tips of the pine trees, but not before I see a pair of Bald Eagles fly side by side above me.



Discovering Sandy Beaches - Acadia National Park

Seemingly endless supply of amazing restaurants

This map shows a collection of things to Eat/ Drink, Do, See, or Stay. Each collection is in it's own group layer in the map to make it easy for you to explore by location or by topic. Click on a point to see the Map Happy Travel comments and get links to websites, google directions, and more!

Yellow points are the Map Happy Travel Favorites. These special spots are considered the Musts for your adventure. They are explained in greater detail below.

Map Happy Travel Guides

Living in Boston gives us quick access to the states north of MA. It's a fairly regular occurrence that my husband and I will just hop in the car and go. Driving the entire coast of Maine was a fun item on the bucket list. We've since made multiple trips to this gorgeous coastline. There is so much to enjoy along the coast of Maine that it’s hard to keep it all straight. The Maine Coast Map is split up into various categories to help you find what you are looking for.

Eat & Drink

Small Plate at Central Provisions
Small Plate at Central Provisions

As the name suggests, “Eat and Drink” will highlight different restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and coffee/tea stops. Some must-try spots include:

The Fiddlehead Restaurant

The Fiddlehead Restaurant in Bangor was so delicious that we actually went back again the next night! The dishes are admittedly a little pricey, but honestly when you have food that is fresh, farm sourced, and delicious, it’s worth every single penny. Highly recommended!

Central Provisions

Located in Portland, ME Central Provisions is an absolute treat. This restaurant serves up small plates with unique flavors and beautiful displays. Don't rush this experience. Eat slow, enjoy the cocktails and make sure you leave room for dessert.

River Ducks Ice Cream

River Ducks is arguably the best ice cream I've ever had… and I’ve had a lot of ice cream! So many unique and delicious flavors. There’s not much more to say besides you just gotta try it!

Lubec Brewing Company - The Easternmost Brewery in the US

After visiting the Westernmost Brewery, we of course had to stop at the Easternmost (in the US), Lubec Brewing Company! We spent an afternoon with Gale, the owner. He let us sample beers as we listened to the stories of life in this town and with his business. A true local spot, Gale collaborates with farmers and even cooks up the pretzels and pizzas at the restaurant next door.

Things to see

The “See” section of the map is for some of the unique and special things to admire along the drive. Here are a few of my favorites:

Easternmost point in the US

Eartha Globe

As a map nerd I have to include this one on the list! Eartha is the world's largest rotating and revolving globe.

Mt. Battie Tower

Located in Camden, this tower is accessible by car, or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can take the Old Carriage Road trail head. The views from the top look over all of Camden and the beautiful coast.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

This red and white striped lighthouse in Lubec, Maine, is the easternmost point of the contiguous United States. Check out the lighthouse, see the geographer marker, and then take a little hike along the coastal trail.

start where we did, or skip straight to Portland, ME to start your drive from there!

Things to Do

When on an adventure there is always plenty to “Do”! This collection of the map includes lots of hiking, swimming and outdoor adventuring. You can’t go wrong with any thing you choose, but try not to miss these:

Desert of Maine
Desert of Maine

Desert of Maine

Yeah you heard that right, there is a Desert in Maine! Well it’s maybe not a true desert, since it does get plenty of precipitation each year, but these 40-acres of glacial sand dunes, surrounded by a coastal forest, sure make you feel like you are in another world. There is a small entry fee, but this unique spot is certainly worth the visit.

Acadia National Park

If you’re heading far enough north, then you have to make a stop at Acadia National Park. The main section of the park is located near Bar Harbor, but you can also visit the lesser known and lesser visited Schoodic Peninsula to the north. This northern section of the park is excellent for biking. The rim road is a relatively flat, paved, two lane one way, with plenty of spots to stop for a photo opp. The center of the park is filled with crushed gravel carriage roads to cut your way back through to the visitor center.

Places to Stay

Finally, the map includes a few places we stayed along the way. As always, I encourage you to find those unique Inns or B&Bs. Support those small businesses whenever possible!

Kayaking at the Alamoosook Inn
Kayaking at the Alamoosook Inn

The Alamoosook Inn

I have to give a shout out to this wonderful Inn. Located directly on Alamoosook Lake, this place has wonderful views and a peaceful vibe. It’s close to hiking, Acadia is an easy day trip, and if you want to stay put, then you have swimming, kayaks, and a fire pit for the evening. Breakfast is provided each morning and Deb is always whipping up something new and delicious.

Katie’s Visit Info

Katie, Mark and Ziggy

Travel Dates

February 15th - March 3rd, 2019

August 6th - 16th, 2020 (#socialdistancing)

April 22nd - 25th, 2021

Travel Info

Driving north from Boston, MA

If flying into the area, you can fly to Boston, Logan to start where we did, or skip straight to Portland, ME to start your drive from there!

Travel Buddies

Mark, and Ziggy the Traveling Avocado

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